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BizBuzz #13

Welcome to BizBuzz!

We’re sharing insights, advice and news tailored specifically for you – the SmartBiz Loans® partner. Your clients are looking for smart, affordable ways to take their small businesses to the next level and our team is here to help.

We're Closing SBA Commercial Real Estate Loans!

Have you heard about our rent replacement option for $500,000 - $1,000,000 SBA loans? Your clients can own property and build equity!

  • Our team recently facilitated an SBA Commercial Real Estate loan for a $1,000,000 purchase of a 17,100 square foot industrial warehouse located in Orlando. In addition to building net worth through a property purchase, the business will generate income by renting out a minority portion of the warehouse. This deal was brought to SmartBiz by DirectLink Capital who was paid 1.25% of the balance ($12,500).

  • Additionally, we packaged an SBA Commercial Real Estate loan for the refinance of a 2,900 square foot retail building for a New York boutique swimming pool company. The refinance will save the borrower over $6,000 a month. $190,000 in various business loans were paid off as part of the transaction.

Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve voted in mid-December to raise short-term interest rates for the third time this year. SmartBiz SBA working capital loans will now be 7.25% - 8.25% and Commercial Real Estate SBA loans will be 6.00% - 7.25%. The change is reflected on the SmartBiz Loans website.

We're a Coleman 2017 Main Street Lender of the Year

The Coleman Report recognized Evan Singer, CEO of SmartBiz Loans, as a 2017 Main Street Lender of the Year. SmartBiz was recognized as a leader in the industry for scaling SBA lending operations more effectively and in a compliant manner, while delivering an unparalleled customer experience of speed, ease and convenience.

Team Member Profile: Meet the CTO

Meet Mike Bertrand, Chief Technology Officer for SmartBiz Loans. Here’s a look at how he leads a team of 15 to constantly evolve the SmartBiz Loans platform, enhancing the user experience for both customers and partners.


SmartBiz: What experience did you have before joining the SmartBiz team?

Mike Bertrand: I've been a technologist in Silicon Valley for 25 years. I ran the QuickBooks enterprise group and led the development of the new payments organization. I founded a company called MoneyStream where we used artificial intelligence and consumer data to help users avoid late fees and penalties. Prior to SmartBiz, one of my companies was acquired by Intuit

SB: Why did you join SmartBiz?

MB: I joined SmartBiz because of the opportunity to help small businesses gain access to capital in ways that help the business instead of the prevailing alternative finance options.

SB: How is your team using emerging technology to benefit the SmartBiz customer?

MB: We have a three-sided marketplace that allows us to connect end user small businesses with the best bank offers. Our network of partners allows us to find the best small businesses and match them up with the most affordable capital. We are using big data and artificial intelligence in numerous ways to streamline the process. For financial advisors, we have worked hard to use the businesses data to quickly (less than 10 seconds) tell if a business is going qualify so we don't waste our partner’s time.

SB: How is SmartBiz different from online lenders from a technology standpoint?

MB: By working with multiple bank partners, our marketplace technology platform finds the best match for our customers and give them the best deal. Online lenders simply don't have access to these types of deals and can't help businesses like we can.

SB: Where do you see SmartBiz in 5 years?

MB: We have reached a tipping point and are empowering our partners to provide more and more value and services to small businesses. In five years, we will have a thriving ecosystem of financial consultants and deep product offerings to meet small business needs like never before possible.

5 Star Rave Reviews!

At SmartBiz Loans, our goal is to to give your clients “white glove concierge” service as they move through the loan process. Here’s a recent online review from a satisfied customer.

"Granted there are many companies that offer loan programs, but what absolutely sets Smartbiz apart is the amazing customer service!!! They guided me every step of the way, discussed options along with answering loads of questions... I sincerely recommend Smartbiz as the go to place for funding."

We're Out and About

The SmartBiz partner team will be attending Broker Fair 2018 on May 14th. The fair is the inaugural conference for merchant cash advance and business loan brokers. deBanked, in collaboration with Foinse, announces that Broker Fair will be the largest gathering of MCA and business loan brokers in the country.

Our team members represented SmartBiz Loans at the National Alliance Of Commercial Loan Brokers (NACLB) conference in 2017. NACLB is a conference designed to enrich the businesses and connections of commercial loan brokers. Trevor Wallace, a Senior Business Development Manager on the Partnerships team, is seen here representing SmartBiz and spreading the word. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the 2018 conference this October! SmartBiz In the News

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Best Regards, The SmartBiz Loans Team

Merchant Cash Advances Available Starting Wednesday June 15 2016
Merchant Payment PCI Systems Available Starting June 16 2016
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