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Scott Davis - Business Solution Specialist 

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Keith Begly

Royalty Ventures, LLC

(330) 464-4173

MARCH 25, 2017

DLCC NOW OFFERiNG "ZERO PROCESSING FEES" If you are paying more than $100.00 TOTAL on your processing bill, YOU NEED TO SPEAK TO US!

JULY 12, 2017

DLCC ANNOUNCES A NEW SBA WORKING CAPITAL LOAN. ELIMINATE HIGH INTEREST DEBT FOREVER! A $100,000 loan monthly payment of $1,162 per month. No prepayment penalty!

Scott Davis joins the DLCC team. Scott in an insurance agent in Life and Health as well as handles business advisory, commercial lending and cc processing with DLCC

APRIL 21, 2017

DLCC NOW OFFERS SPECIAL DEAL ON COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. Through HUD loan terms current 4.38% (subject to change) with 85% or 90% (Assisted Properties) LTC on Multi-Family. Also 80% LTC with 5% Terms on NON FHA Loans.


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