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DirectLink Capital formed in 2012 to finance projects that otherwise could not receive funding. DLCC has a Board with over 60 years combined experience in the financial industry. Our Direct Partners include a Green Energy Specialist with more than 10 years Working with the Department of Energy (DOE). Craig expertise lies in Green Energy Grants and Consulting Services. John Caruso and Rowena Johnson are both 20 year  SBA Loan Specialists who funded such projects as Holiday Inn Express Hotels, Multi Family Apartments, and Walgreens Real Estate. Keith worked as VP for what is now Wells Fargo. DLCC team has commercial loan solutions to meet your needs at a reasonable cost. Our mission at DLCC is to procure and develop the best deal to finance your project needs from working capital to billion dollar commercial Real Estate Projects.

loan solutions to meet your needs

DLCC invested 4 years building a successful network of lenders and partners to achieve maximum success on streamline Commercial Lending.


the team

Do you want to purchase a non-real estate business and need capital? No Problem. We have sources to provide the capital you may need including private money sources. DLCC partnered with Craig Evans and several hedge funds that provide business loans that banks cannot fund today.

These loans consist of all types of Real Estate. This includes Apartment, Multi Family Properties, Retail Plazas, Malls, Strip Plazas, Office Buildings, and much more. For a complete listing contact us. The use of Commercial Real Estate Loans is for Purchase, Refinance, or Construction. DirectLink Capital has completed loans involving Apartments, Office Buildings, Hotels, and much more.

People in the Commercial Real Estate Business know this ever so much. You have strong equity but a tenant moved out or you are simply in a cash crunch that needs a temporary fix. Hard money loans are structured to do this. A hard money loan is using the Asset base instead of income to calculate the amount you want to borrow. This money can be used for any reason and is not tied to a stringent credit score offering you great flexibility. Also these loans can normally be completed within 30 days of receipt of a loan package. Bridge loans are similar to hard money loans but used to "bridge a gap between construction and a permanent loan. These loans are expensive because they are expected to be "taken out" with a permanent loan in a relatively short period of time.

DLCC is fortunate to be partnered with Craig Evans, a DOE specialist with Green Energy Loans and WTE Loans of many different varieties. These are specialty loans that also may qualify for grants as well. Craig can take you from start to finish at very little cost compared to most. Need a business plan? No Problem. We can connect you with a Professional Business Plan Writer. How important is the business plan when doing Green Loans? The 

What if your business is expanding? Have you ever wondered how do I raise working capital and set up a growing line of credit? The most relevent types of loans/services for merchants are: working capital loans, merchant advances, merchant credit card systems, and PO loans. DLCC offers all of your merchant needs. Please call us to cover the details. Many times we have a very quick turnaround for these services as compared to commercial loans. DLCC has their own internal merchant credit line to facilitate some loans and some are outsourced to make them less expensive than the competition. Some have been completed in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Each business is different and DLCC has the Solution!

I own a trucking company or a B2B company that has a consistent stream of invoices after delivery of a product. The terms of that invoice may be 30 or 45 days net. I have to pay my people now! Factoring can take care of this problem for you. Upon receipt of an invoice we can have money to you in as little as the same day once your factoring account is set up. This allows your business to expand and provide working capital (non-recourse) without the hassle of loan approvals.

DLCC SBA Loans partners with the most innovative SBA technology for faster and better loan serviceing. With a High Tech Underwriting system, DLCC can provide SBA Working capital in as little as two weeks for up to $350,000. DLCC have partnerships with John Caruso at Huntington Bank and Ramona Davis at Byline Bank to give us a more expedient way to do more complex SBA Loans.

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