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Keith Goodman - VP Operations
30 yerars Experience

Keith Goodman - VP

Stephen Tharp - CFO

Mike Fetsko - CEO

General Email:

Phone: (330) 502-6745

Email: Keith Goodman

Phone: (330) 502-6745

The Board of Directors

Keith D Goodman

Vice President and Founder DLCC

25 years experience with investment securities, raising capital and IPO's. Former Vice President of Wells Fargo Securities. Expert in Green Energy Markets and Renewable Fuel Financing.

Over 30 years experience in Commercial and Consumer Lending. 

Eva Formentera Salsbury

Secretary DLCC

Former QC Control for Hormel Foods. International Markets Expertise and fluent in three languages.

Stephen Tharp - CFO DLCC

Stephen is a graduate of the Ohio State University and has spent over 30 years in the financial industry. Stephen's experience has been primarily in Insurance and Marketing and HR Compliance. 

Merchant Capital Solutions Account Executives

Glenn and Stacey Johnson

Glenn has over 40 years experience in Business. In addition, Glenn's personal background working with specialty POS systems with Hewlett Packard and former owner of a WTE plant gives him exceptional value with our company

Carl Severino

Carl has his BS Degree in Business Administration. Carl has a keen understanding of the financial needs and solutions for small and medium size business (under $5 Billion)

Email: Carl Severino

Phone: (330) 502-1743

Randy King

Randy is an Account Executive with DLCC. Randy has extensive experience in the financial markets in both Securities and Insurance Markets. Randy is a Factoring and Business Capital Specialist

Email: Randy King

Phone: (865) 244-7612

Brian Kochunas

Brian is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. His history and background in Banking is impeccable and understands merchant needs and solutions to their problems. 

Email: Brian Kochunas

Phone: (330) 501-6488

Dr. Ronald Mangie

Dr. Mangie has joined the DLCC Team with over 50 years of business finance experience. 


Craig Evans - RECS Founder. Expert in Renewable Fuel Financing and Energy Grants. Craig has spent several years with the DOE and understands Renewable Grants and Loans. 

Click here to learn more:

Neil Young, John Caruso, and Ramona Davis - SBA Loans 

Neil Young is a Private Banker who is the Regional VP for a boutique bank located in NW Florida. Neil's career spans over 3 decades specializing in business and commercial real estate loans ranging from $1,000,000 to $7,000,000. John Caruso does our lending inside the Huntington Footprint. Ramona Davis is our SBA Partner with Byline Bank out of Chicago. Ramona does the rest of our SBA Loans outside of the Huntington Bank Area.

Carlyle Group - Large Loans

Carlyle is an Asset Manager and Private Lending Partner with more than 170 Billion Dollars Assets Under Management.

Processing Solutions

Finical and Beacon Processing are two of the largest wholesale credit card processors in the USA. DirectLink Capital chose to partner with Finical and Beacon because of their unsurpassed reputation and integrity in the business. Both companies offer processing and hardware solutions for your business needs. DLCC can reduce or even eliminate your processing costs. Most of this done with no initial cost for our processing customers. To learn more contact DLCC at (330) 502-6745 and we will assign a local representative.

Preferred Working Capital Loans

Many healthcare professionals, retail, and restaurateurs need working capital for various reasons. DLCC offers special working capital solutions that uses simple interest as opposed to factor interest to calculate their working capital loans. In addition, terms can be up to 10 years and payments are made semi-monthly or monthly as opposed to daily withdrawals and much lower payments. Have problems with MCA daily payments? DLCC has a program to restructure this debt so you can have more cash flow.

Over 500 Banking Partners

These banking relationships make it possible to customize and reduce the cost of capital for our Commercial Borrowing Clients. In addition, Kevin Isaacs has been added as a new partner who has access to over 2000 banking relationships for more difficult loans to place with a bank.

More than 200 Private Equity and Debt Partners

For some of the very fortunate, commercial loans can be placed with a company like Carlyle (assuming you are the size of IBM). Most borrowers with small to medium size companies need more boutique private capital partners. For our equity clients, most capital is raised through a network of private equity brokers who have access to equity capital in the private sector. Private debt on the other hand allows people to obtain financing where banks are left off. These private lending assets exceed 100 billion dollars combined.

Private Consultants

Our private financing consultants are contracted out separately. One purpose of these consultants are for grant writing on projects over 5 Million to over 1 Billion Dollars. Other reasons is to help package your loan to a "workable form". Many people may have finance-able projects, but the package is disorganized or material information is missing (either good or bad). Disclosure is everything when it comes to obtaining a commercial loan. Have you ever heard,  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  This especially holds true in the lending business. A consultant can help you both uncover the obstacles and suggest to the lender(s) in a professional way to get your loan to the "table". In addition, the loan must be in a specific format as to the content. This is organized, complete, and to the point.

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